Turn-taking and gender differences in language classroom

  • Kaukab Abid Azhar Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Nayab Iqbal Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi, Pakistan
Keywords: Classroom Discourse, Classroom Participation, ELT, Gender Differences, Turn-taking


The study aims at studying gender differences in the ways male and female students take turns and participate in a mixed-gender classroom. Two groups of first-year English compulsory classes held at two different departments (Geography and Economics) at the University of Karachi took part in the study. The results revealed that in the Geography Department, where there was a female teacher, male students were more dominating as compared to the female students who hardly participated in the class. They took more turns and participated better in the classroom discussion. In addition, they also interrupted the teacher and the female counterparts when they tried to contribute to the discussion. On the other hand, at the Department of Economics, female students had more number of turns. They dominated the classroom as compared to the male students. Besides, the study revealed that the gender of the teacher played an important part in shaping the discourse taking place in the classroom.


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Author Biographies

Kaukab Abid Azhar, Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi, Pakistan

Kaukab Abid is a Lecturer at Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi (Pakistan). He received his Master’s degree in English Literature from University of Karachi and MBA (Marketing) from Institute of Business Management. Before becoming an academician, he gained four years of valuable work experience in leading MNCs at a Managerial level.

Nayab Iqbal, Barrett Hodgson University, Karachi, Pakistan

Nayab Iqbal received her master’s degree from the University of Karachi in 2014 with a major in English Linguistics. She is currently working as a Lecturer at the Barrett Hodgson University. She has been associated with the field of education for almost 5 years. Her work and research experience has helped her become an expert at managing learner-centered classrooms by employing current language pedagogical practices.

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