Incorporating EFL websites in class: Bangladeshi teachers’ perceptions

  • Nousin Laila Bristi United International University, Dhaka, Bangaldesh
Keywords: EFL websites, Attitude, University English Teachers, Bangladesh


Incorporating Information-Technology in classes is revolutionizing English language teaching (ELT) practices. Since teachers are the key personnel, their attitudes towards the process determine its success. This study presents the results of a study investigating Bangladeshi university level English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers’ perceptions of incorporating EFL websites in their classes. The findings revealed that private university teachers’ have more positive attitude than public university teachers do. In addition, both private and public university teachers reported of logistic limitations and systematic complications in their respective institutions. Following this, the study proposes enhancing administrative collaborations, arranging teacher-student skill development programmes, and creating customized websites for Bangladeshi ELT contexts.


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Author Biography

Nousin Laila Bristi, United International University, Dhaka, Bangaldesh

Nousin Laila Bristi, an Assistant Professor in English at United International University, Dhaka, completed M.A. in Applied Linguistics and ELT from the department of English at University of Dhaka. She has already published three research articles in international journals. Her research interests are psycholinguistics, ELT and Technology in Education.

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Bristi, N. (2018). Incorporating EFL websites in class: Bangladeshi teachers’ perceptions. Journal of NELTA, 23(1-2), 116-128.