Complete heart block in Acute Rheumatic fever

CM Poudel, RM Gajurel, M Barkoti, SM Acharya, OM Anil


Rheumatic fever can cause a variety of cardiac conduction disturbances. First-degree heart block is a common electrocardiographic manifestation of acute rheumatic fever and is included in Jones’ diagnostic criteria. Other electrocardiographic changes such as sinus tachycardia, bundle branch blocks, nonspecific ST-T wave changes, atrial and ventricular premature complexes have been reported with variable frequency. However, complete heart block is an exceptionally rare manifestation of acute rheumatic fever. We report a 15 years female who developed Complete heart Block during an episode of acute rheumatic carditis. The patient was successfully treated with conventional treatment and Temporary Pacemaker.


Nepalese Heart Journal Vol.9(1) 2012 pp.56-58


Acute rheumatic fever; Carditis; Complete heart block

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