Editorial Team

Editorial Notes
Research and Development Centre, Nepal has been publishing Researcher: A Research Journal of Culture and Society since 2013 with an aim of providing a platform for scholars, researchers and academicians from varying disciplines, and thus, bringing together the contributors of knowledge and its consumers. The journal focuses mainly on, but not limited to, research matters relating to culture and society.
It is our utmost pleasure to come up with the current issue of the journal, Volume 4 Number 2. We acknowledge all authors who have contributed their valued articles to the current issue. We are equally pleased with our advisors; their invaluable advice and feedback adding largely to the quality of the journal. The comments and suggestions from the reviewers have doubtlessly enhanced the quality of the articles. At this point, we express our sincere gratitude to all our esteemed reviewers.
We are very thankful to all those personalities who have shared their hands for the publication of the journal. We are always thankful to Tribhuvan University Central Library (TUCL) for the regular online publication of our journal. We believe that the materials for this issue will be useful for the readership. We welcome creative and constructive comments and suggestions from the readers acquainting us with potential improvements in the future publications. Finally, we promise to publish the journal regularly, so cordially invite scholars and researchers to continually contribute to the future issues of the journal.
- Chief Editor