Changing Rural Livelihood Strategies in the Community of Goljung, Rasuwa

  • Dhyanendra Bahadur Rai Central Department of Geography, T.U. Kirtipur
Keywords: Livelihood strategies, Household assets, Livelihood diversification, Chilime Hydropower, Trade route


 Different patterns of livelihood are found in different places within same community or different communities over the generation. Therefore livelihood strategy is a changing process of an individual or a household level of economic and social activities in order to fulfill daily livelihood needs. This paper seeks to explore the changing rural livelihood strategies of a community in mountain region of Nepal. The study is mainly based on primary data collected from field survey, focus group discussion (FGD) and key informant interview (KII). Questionnaire survey was conducted within 52 households by applying random sampling method. Likewise five KII and three FGDs were conducted and participants belonged to different field i.e. ward chairperson, ward women member, businessmen, wage labor, farmer and social worker. The finding indicates that livelihood strategies are changing rapidly in the rural areas. Similarly, multiple sources of income of a household have resulted into secured livelihood system in Goljung. Despite the fact that the agriculture with livestock farming was an important traditional source of livelihood in the past, the roles of non-agricultural sectors have become significant for livelihood sustaining in the rural community in Goljung, Rasuwa in the present days. After a decade, development of the hydro-electricity projects and trade route between Nepal and China has played the catalyst role for changing rural livelihoods of local people in this village.

 The Third Pole: Journal of Geography

Vol. 17: 20-36, 2017


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Dhyanendra Bahadur Rai, Central Department of Geography, T.U. Kirtipur
Associate Professor
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