About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The goal of the Journal of Durgalaxmi is to publish the articles from a range of areas such as Social Sciences, Management, Mathematics, and Education. It attempts to cover multidisciplinary areas. The journal also aims to disseminate research studies, conducts conferences, seminars and workshops, from various disciplines. Similarly, it encourages in conducting research-oriented activities to brush up the professional skills of the scholars, teachers and researchers. The journal provides a platform for the publication of scholarly articles on a range of issues for academicians, researchers, scholars and especially for novice writers from the homeland and abroad.

Publication Frequency

Journal of Durgalaxmi is published annually.

Peer Review Policy

Journal of Durgalaxmi (JDL) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Durgalaxmi Multiple Campus, Attariya, Kailali. JDL publishes articles from multidisciplinary areas. After calling for article submission, JDL editorial bord forms a team of reviewers from different disciplines. The reviewers are formally requested for the review of the articles submitted to Research Management cell of Durgalaxmi Multiple Campus. The submitted papers are given a code e.g., A1, A2. Then the editorial board sends each article to 2 reviewers of related discipline on the basis of double-anonymized peer review system. The editorial board also sends a peer review guideline form. It generally takes almost two months to collect peer review reports from reviewers. After collecting peer review reports, the articles are sent to the authors for the final correction along with peer review report and reviewed paper. However, if reviewers suggest for rejection of any paper, the authors are informed about the rejection of the paper with peer review report and reviewed paper. The editorial board makes the final decision for submission and publication of articles on the basis of the peer review report of each paper.

Open Access Policy

Journal of Durgalaxmi provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Creative Commons Licence
Articles in JDR are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Authors retain their copyright.

Price for Hardcopies

Rs. 200 (Student), Rs. 300 (Individual) and Rs. 500 (Institutional) for the purchase of hard copy.

Sources of Support

Journal of Durgalaxmi (JDL) has various sources that support its publication and sustainability:

  1. There is obligatory provision of research and journal publication in campus annual budget. So, the campus allocates funds for journal publication in every annual budget.
  2. University Grants Commission provides funds for publication.
  3. Sales of hard copies also support its publication management.


JDL is published by Durgalaxmi Multiple Campus, Attariya, Kailali, Nepal.