Comparative Studies on Effect of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources on L -Asparaginase Production

M. Mohamed Mahroop Raja, A. Raja, S. Mohamed Salique, P. Gajalakshmi


Marine actinomycetes sediment samples were collected from Gulf of Mannar costal region, Kayalpatinam, located at Tuticorin district, Tamilnadu, India. Marine actinomycetes were isolated and evaluated for activity of L-asparaginase production. A total of 10 marine actinomycetes strains were isolated. Among 10 isolates, six were belongs to Streptomyces sp, three were belongs to Micromonospora sp and one was to Micropolyspora sp. Based on phenotypic characteristics, actinomycetes strains were screened for L-asparaginase production. Streptomyces sp KPMS5 and Micromonospora sp KPMS10 were showed large pink coloration on L-asparaginase production medium. The strains were further studied for maximum production and characterizations of culture condition of L-asparaginase enzyme were evaluated. Effect of substrate on L-asparaginase production was evaluated by enzyme assy. Maximum enzyme assay (1.4 mM) was observed on glucose followed by starch (1.12Mm) by Micromonospora sp KPMS10. In Streptomyces sp KPMS5 showed maximum of 1.25mM of enzyme assay on glucose substrate followed by lactose 1.17mM. Yeast extract was effectively used as substrate for maximum production of L-asparaginase by submerged fermentation. Further studies on purification and characterization are required to support the application of enzyme. The finding concludes isolates belongs to non-Streptomyces sp like Micromonospora sp is a potential novel source for L-asparaginase production.

Int J Appl Sci Biotechnol, Vol 4(4): 452-457


Leukemia; enzymes; L –asparagines; drugs; anticancer

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