Critical Success Factors of Project Management in Nepalese Hydropower Projects

  • Raju Thapa Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchowk Campus
  • Santosh Kumar Shrestha Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchowk Campus
Keywords: Project success, Project management success, Critical success factors


The delay in the construction industry is a global phenomenon and the construction industry in Nepal can!t be the exception. To deliver the project product on time, within the budget, of quality in the safest manner is the goal of project management. Even potentially good projects are failing because of the weak project management performance in Nepalese construction projects. Due to the lack of research based findings in these areas, the new project managers are facing problems about in which areas they need to focus for successful delivery of the project. The purpose of this research is to find out the critical success  factors  of  project management  that  help  the  project  parties  reach  their  goal  as  planned  in Nepalese  hydropower projects. In this study, general success factors of project management were collected from various literatures and the pilot survey, rank them based on relative importance index (RII), and found top seven success factors as critical success factor. Based on the 85 responses from project managers and experts working in hydropower projects in the first stage study, top seven  success  factors  of  project  management  were  Effective  communication  between  project  team  members  (S1),  Job satisfaction  of  project  team  members  (S2),  Timely  decision  by  client  (S3),  Competence  of  the  project  manager  (S4), Effective coordination between stakeholders, public institutions (S5), Competence of the project team members (S6), Proper and timely supervision (S7).  


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Santosh Kumar Shrestha, Department of Civil Engineering, Pulchowk Campus


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Thapa, R., & Shrestha, S. (2018). Critical Success Factors of Project Management in Nepalese Hydropower Projects. Journal of Advanced College of Engineering and Management, 4, 105-109.