Focus and Scope

Janapriya Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies is an annual, reviewed journal concerned with all aspects of social and natural sciences, educational research and other branches of research; and it is published by Janapriya Research and Consultancy Center (JRCC). The journal offers in-depth analysis of interdisciplinary aspects of research findings in various fields of local and global context as well. It aims to motivate each of the faculties of Janapriya Multiple campus to prepare research articles.

The present volume has attempted to include articles from multidisciplinary areas of studies. The authenticity of the thoughts and views expressed in these articles solely lies to the authors. We are very much grateful for the contributors for articles. We are also indebted to all the reviewer who have helped us to review the articles published herein. Finally, we are also thankful to the campus chief of JMC for his continuous support in publishing the journal.

Peer Review Process

Description of peer- review process:

  1. General guidelines are provided to the author before submission of article.
  2. JRCC selects the article submitted in specifies areas.
  3. The article is sent to the reviewers on personal contact by disguising the name of author and authoring detail by JRCC.
  4. Collect the concerned suggestions on articles from reviewers by JRCC and forwarded such suggestions to the authors for incorporating them.
  5. Collect the final article for publication by JRCC from the authors.

Entire review process has been taking three/four months in our experience.

Publication Frequency

Janapriya Journal of Multidiscipinary Studies is published annually in December.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


The JRCC and Editors cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising from the use of information contained in the Journal, The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the JRCC and Editor.