Determinants of Capital Structure: A Case Study of Listed Companies of Nepal

Keshar J. Baral


In this paper, an attempt has been made to examine the determinants of capital structure -size, business risk, growth rate, earning rate, dividend payout, debt service capacity, and degree of operating leverage-of the companies listed to Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. as of July 16, 2003. Eight variables multiple regression model has been used to assess the influence of defined explanatory variables on capital structure. In the preliminary analysis, manufacturing companies, commercial banks, insurance companies, and finance companies were included. However, due to the unusual sign problem in the constant term of the model, manufacturing companies were excluded in final analysis. This study shows that size, growth rate and earning rate are statistically significant determinants of capital structure of the listed companies.

Journal of Nepalese Business Studies Vol.1(1) 2004 pp. 1-13

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