Deexcitation Probabilities of Ne(<sup>3</sup>P<sub>2</sub>) by Kr for the Case E &lt;&lt; D

  • Deba Bahadur Khadka Central Department of Chemistry
Keywords: Metastable atoms, Resonance atoms, Deexcitation cross sections, Pulse Radiolysis, Impact parameter, Kr.


The deexcitation probability calculation of the total Penning ionization cross section for Ne(3P2) by Kr has been made in the region of the collisional energy from 18.5 to 38.1 meV. Considering the magnitude of the mean collisional energy with respect to D, the application of the analysis in the case E >> D is expected to be more appropriate than in the case E << D. Theoretical investigations of Ne(3P2) by Kr for the case E >> D are also needed.

Keywords: metastable atoms, resonance atoms, deexcitation cross sections, pulse radiolysis, impact parameter.

DOI: 10.3126/jncs.v24i0.2390

Journal of Nepal Chemical Society Vol.24 Page 45-48


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Deba Bahadur Khadka, Central Department of Chemistry
Associate Professor, Central Department of Chemistry, T. U. Kirtipur
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Khadka, D. (1). Deexcitation Probabilities of Ne(<sup>3</sup>P<sub>2</sub&gt;) by Kr for the Case E &lt;&lt; D. Journal of Nepal Chemical Society, 24, 45-48.