Ethnobotanical survey on plants used in Mai Municipality of Ilam district, eastern Nepal

  • K. R. Bhattarai Department of Plant Resources, Kathmandu, Nepal
Keywords: Churlya, ethnobotany, livelihood, medicinal plant, Ailment


This study was aimed to document medicinal plant species, their utilization and methods to treat common ailments by traditional healers in Churiya region of Ilam district, eastern Nepal. This study would contribute positively to the field of biodiversity conservation, phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology. Ethnobotanical informations were collected in 2016 based on semi-structured questionnaire with key informant interview. Data were evaluated and expressed in terms of number and percentage. A total of 116 medicinal plants belonging to 61 families were reported to treat 76 different ailments categorized into 18 groups. The highest numbers of plants were used to treat digestive system disorders. The most medicines were prepared as the form of paste from leaves or tender shoots and administrated orally. Of the documented plants, 5 species were reported with novel uses and 7 were newly reported as ethnomedicinal plants in Nepal. Besides medicine, 111 species were utilized additionally for food, fodder, socio-cultural events and environmental use. People of the area less frequently use traditional herbal therapies. Due to lack of proper collection, conservation and cultivation practices, some plant species are at risk of extinction. Thus, sustainable harvesting and access to benefit sharing help to improve livelihood and conserve biodiversity.


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Bhattarai, K. (2020). Ethnobotanical survey on plants used in Mai Municipality of Ilam district, eastern Nepal. Banko Janakari, 30(2), 11-35.