Assessment of PM10 in Aurangabad City of Central India

  • Geetanjali Kaushik MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College
  • Arvind Chel MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College
  • Sangeeta Shinde MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College
  • Ashish Gadekar MGM Institute of Management Mahatma Gandhi Mission, N-6, CIDCO, Aurangabad -431004 Maharashtra
Keywords: PM10, Aurangabad, Sampling, Respirable sampler, Standards


Almost 670 million people comprising 54.5% of our population reside in regions that do not meet the Indian NAAQS for fine particulate matter. Numerous studies have revealed a consistent correlation for particulate matter concentration with health than any other air pollutant. Aurangabad city a rapidly growing city with population of 1.5 million is home to five major industrial areas, the city is also known for its historical monuments which might also be adversely affected from air pollution. Therefore, this research aims at estimating PM10 concentrations at several locations across Aurangabad. The concentration of PM10 was highest at the Railway Station followed by Waluj (an industrial zone) and City chowk is the centre of the city which has high population, tall buildings, few open spaces which causes high congestion and does not allow the particulates to disperse. Other locations with high concentrations of PM are Mill corner, Harsul T-point, Kranti Chowk, Seven Hill, TV centre and Beed Bye pass. All these locations have narrow roads, high traffic density, poor road condition with pot holes and few crossing points which cause congestion and vehicle idling which are responsible for high pollution. Therefore, it is evident that air pollution is a serious issue in the city which may be further aggravated if it is not brought under control. Hence, strategies have to be adopted for combating the menace of air pollution.

Volume-5, Issue-2, March-May 2016, Page :61-74


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Kaushik, G., Chel, A., Shinde, S., & Gadekar, A. (2016). Assessment of PM10 in Aurangabad City of Central India. International Journal of Environment, 5(2), 61-74.
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