Accepted for next issue

Accepted articles for the IJOSH, Volume 13, No, 2, 2023 issue:

Short Communication

  • Chromium toxicity among leather industry workers in Kolkata-A pilot Study

    Pawan Kumar Maurya, Amit Chakrabarti, Asim Saha

Original Articles

  • Chemical Safety Knowledge Assessment of Academic Researchers from Brazil during Covid-19 Pandemic

    Walter dos Reis Pedreira Filho, Julia Sapienza Passos, Nadia Ruscic, Maria Luiza da Silva da Silva, Lucilena Rebelo Monteiro, Soraia Katia Pereira Costa
  • COVID-19 related symptoms and vaccination usage among informal waste workers of Kathmandu, Nepal

    Ashish Khanal
  • Descriptive Epidemiology of Occupational Injuries among urban construction workers – an observation from Eastern India

    Bidisa Sarkar, Sonali Kar, Ipsa Mohapatra, Kamalesh Sarkar
  • Determining low back pain factors and effects on daily activities in operating room personnel in Turkey

    Habibe GÜLEÇ, Azize Karahan
  • Effect of Lifting Weight, Height and Asymmetry on Biomechanical Loading during Manual Lifting

    Anurag Vijaywargiya, Mahesh K. Bhiwapurkar, A Thirugnanam
  • Effects of emotional labor on musculoskeletal disorders among physical therapists in South Korea

    Jae Kwang Choi, Yeon Hwan Lee
  • Evaluation of the knowledge of sun exposure and sun protective measures in healthcare workers

    Eliz Aryal, PR Shrestha, S Gautam
  • Prevalence of Occupational Injuries in selected Coir Industries in Sri Lanka: a cross-sectional study

    Anindita Tasnim Onni, Asela Kumar Perera Dodanwalage , Magne Bråtveit, Bente Elisabeth Moen
  • Role of the construction project team in health and safety management: a study of construction projects in the Wa Municipality of Ghana

    Dominic Naaemwan Aasonaa
  • Scientific Support of Occupational Risk Management Decisions in Industrial Sectors in Case of Uncertainty

    Oleg Kruzhilko, Alaa El Din Mahmoud, Volodymyr Maystrenko, Natalia Volodchenkova, Oleksiy Polukarov, Volodymyr Sydorenko, Andrii Pruskyi, Oleksandr Arlamov
  • Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Mental Health among Nursing Personnel in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic in West Bengal, India

    Upasana Chowdhury, Tamal Das, Sahana Mazumder, Somnath Gangopadhyay


  • The impact of leadership on the psychosocial safety climate of organizations: A scoping review of the international literature

    Eugene Laloo, Robyn Coman, Natalia Hanley, Shahnaz Bakand
  • Evidence Based Treatment Strategies For “Text Neck Syndrome ”: A Review

    Sandeep Shinde, Radha Bhende