Trainee Teachers' Perspectives on Microteaching

  • Yam Nath Adhikari Prithvi Narayan campus, Pokhara
Keywords: microteaching, technique, trainee-teacher, practice teaching


 Microteaching is one of the most recent innovations in teacher training programme. It is used as a professional developmental tool for pre-service or in-service teacher training courses. Microteaching seems a good technique to train trainee teachers, when he/she has to perform his/her teaching either in practice or real life. The objective of this research was to explore perspective of trainee teachers towards microteaching. The sample size of the study consisted of 40 trainee teachers of B.Ed. from Prithvi Narayan campus, Pokhara. The informants were selected purposively. By taking their consent, I visited the school and distributed the questionnaire, where the student-teachers were practising in practice teaching. A set of close-ended questionnaire was used as the data collection tool. The data were presented in percentage and analyzed and interpreted descriptively. The results reveal that microteaching plays a vital role to improve the trainee teachers’ pedagogical skills, competencies, build self-confidence, make positive attitudes towards teaching life by limited sources and within minimum available facilities, provide valuable teaching experiences, and make them aware of the benefits. Further, microteaching deals with the emerging challenges that will happen in the real teaching career of the trainee teachers. All the respondents put their positive perspectives on microteaching although microteaching is not seriously taken by the practitioners. This study implies that microteaching is necessary for trainee teachers to prepare themselves in a better way for upcoming teaching career.


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Author Biography

Yam Nath Adhikari, Prithvi Narayan campus, Pokhara

Teaching Assistant